What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web-based control panel in Linux hosting to make the hosting process easier. It is used to manage various functionalities of hosting. cPanel controls every aspect of the website by simply logging into it. You can view the statistics of usage, create email accounts, sub-domains, add-on domains, manage databases, create, edit or delete files etc..

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cPanel Features

Emails ServerCake Web Hosting


In cPanel Emails section you can create an email account with your domain name as extension, change password for emails, delete email accounts, manage email forwarders and auto-responders, add or remove MX entry, trace the mail delivery, etc..

Domains ServerCake Web Hosting


In domains section you can create sub domains , add-on domains in an easy way. You can use redirect option if you want to redirect your website traffic to some other domain or subdomain and also you can manage DNS zones via Advanced Zone editor.

Files ServerCake Web Hosting


In files section you can able to see File manager which is used to create, edit, delete website files and also upload new files, able to create FTP account, view disk usage and also generate full website backup or make database and home directory backups.

Security ServerCake Web Hosting


You can able to protect certain directories using password, block few visitors to your website by denying their ip address, generate CSR and private key and upload CRT in order to install the SSL certificate for your website through cPanel.

Database ServerCake Web Hosting


In cPanel you can create new database for the website, create users for the database, assign privileges to the users and also the database tables can be viewed, modified and the tables can be exported as well as imported using PHPMyAdmin.

Logs ServerCake Web Hosting


cPanel helps you to view the latest visitors, bandwidth usage, resource usage and the statistics can be viewed graphically and with categorised charts via Webalizer, Analog stats and Awstats and also the error logs will be viewed in cPanel.

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