What is HitSpam?

HitSpam is the best solution to prevent spam emails. It uses powerful spam definitions to check the emails before reaching the Inbox. The spam definitions are manually and constantly updated with the help of real-time human users. It is the best solution for spam prevention. Traditional spam filtering software systems use the keywords to find the spam emails which ends with inaccuracy and leads to high loss of genuine emails. It does not use such types of tactics to find the spammers. It detects unwanted emails meticulously and efficiently. HitSpam can be easily integrated with all types of hosting solutions and gives a detailed report on the spams blocked. It provides whitelisting and blacklisting options to make the job more effective. We take more care about our customer’s satisfaction and have implemented the best solution for email spam prevention.



Blacklist Prevention

Our solution prevents your domain or IP from being listed in the blacklist database with which the servers receiving the emails check your identity to determine if you are genuine one or not. It ensures that your domain is always in the safe list thereby all the communications made through your domain is considered as safe to be passed through receiving mail server..

SMTP Smart Host ServerCake Web Hosting

SMTP Smart Host

It passes both inbound and outbound mails to another mail server via SMTP. This smart shall be permitted by the firewall or whatever to communicated to other hosts to deliver outbound emails. For all the inbound emails, it is configured to accept them for all the users after filtering spam and determines to which mailbox the emails be forwarded acting as mail relays.

No single point of failure

No Single Point of Failure

This solution is made out of a cluster of servers as a result of which connectivity is present all the time even when some servers fail to function. Thus there is no instance of failure of the solution making it be available at any time.

Inbound & Outbound Email ServerCake Web Hosting

Inbound & Outbound Email

It gives Dual way protection where it prevents spams from going out and prevents from coming into it thereby stopping your servers from being a spam producing hub and from becoming vulnerable to spam attacks.

Powerful Scripting Engine ServerCake Web Hosting

Scalability & Enterprise Security

The number of servers that are deployed in the HitSpam network can be increased based on the amount of emails sent through the network.

Stop Compromised Account ServerCake Web Hosting

Stop Compromised Account

Our solution stops directing the emails from and to the compromised accounts.

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