Business Class Emails

Business Class Email Plans supports for your growth of business effectively. It offers flexible solutions for high prioritized or regular customer service communications with high-speed delivery. Our business class email plans make real business addresses by streamlining the back-office and managing the document workflow.

Plans & Pricing

*Applicable on Annual Billing only


Premium Anti-Virus ServerCake Web Hosting

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

We ensure spam free mailbox by enabling HitSpam. It is an Anti-Email spam service which monitors all your emails and removes unwanted emails before reaching your inbox.

High Storage Space ServerCake Web Hosting

High Storage Space

We offer 10GB storage space with unlimited bandwidth. The mailbox can store an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing emails and it can be retrieved whenever needed without any loss.

Easy Migration ServerCake Web Hosting

Easy Migration

Easily migrate your mail box or entire domain mail accounts from mail services like gmail, yahoo, office365, hotmail, microsoft exchange or any email services.

Virtual MailBox ServerCake Web Hosting

Virtual Mailbox

Access your mailbox instantly from any device and anywhere with an Internet connection. It resembles likes your mailbox and can be accessed instantly.


Inbound and Outbound Spam Filters

The incoming and outgoing emails can be scanned continuously to prevent from spam emails. All the email account users can be monitored regularly to track the source of spam generation.


Cross-device compatibility

Business E-mail and Calendar can be synchronized easily for cross-device compatibility. It can be accessible from all the devices like desktop, laptop, and mobiles in real time.

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