Improves the security by isolating from each others and preventing your customers from seeing each others and viewing sensitive informations.



LiteSpeed Web Server has superior performance in terms of both raw speed and scalability. It will make your website up to 10x Faster!



Imunify360 offers advanced firewall protection that uses herd immunity and AI to detect new threats and protect your websites from malware and virus attacks.



HitSpam is the best solution to prevent spam emails. It uses powerful spam definitions to check the emails before reaching the Inbox.

cPanel Reseller Hosting Features

Revolutionary Technology for a Faster Internet

HTTP/3 Ready

Reseller Hosting plan starting from ₹ 525 /mo

HTTP/3 or HTTP - over - QUIC is more faster than HTTPs over TCP+TLS. It helps to reduce the connection establishment time and improves the congestion control. It assist multiplexing without head of line blocking. It also forward error correction and connection migration. It provide faster connection and smoother transitions between networks.

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  • State-of-the-Art Datacenters
  • High Performance Servers
  • Latest cPanel Software
  • Latest PHP version
  • WHM Manager
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Malware Scanner
  • One Click Installer
  • Enterprise Webserver
  • Low Latency Servers
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Private Name Servers
  • Custom Branding


We have designed and built our infrastructure ourselves - prioritizing stability, scalability, and security. Our state-of-the-art datacenter boasts of the very best HVAC architecture, cutting edge networking switches and of course, the best, latest hardware around. All of these together contribute to out 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Reliable Power

Designed for Uninterrupted Operations


Bullet proof security with IDS/IPS

Redundant Network

Maximum Uptime & Stability


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Page Speed Optimization
Multi Layer Caching
Web Application Firewall
Imunify 360
Advanced Firewall
Malware Detection
Pro Active Defence
Reputation Management
Hitspam Protection
Weekly and Monthly Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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Boosting Site Speed Using Brotli Compression

Reseller Hosting plan starting from ₹ 525 /mo

Brotli is an open-source data compression library. The Brotli compression is more efficient than Gzip compression. It helps you to make use of the dictionary so you can send keys instead of full keywords. It compressed your Javascript files 14% smaller than Gzip, so you can manage your store efficiently. It provides Fewer bytes transformation which rapid your page load.

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Automated One-Click Installer Softaculous

Reseller Hosting plan starting from ₹ 525 /mo

The commercial script library automates you to install the commercial and open source web applications to your website. It is a great auto-installer having 450+ web applications. We provide the privilege to install web application over HTTPs protocol for the security and in your own language. Don’t waste your precious time on installing the scripts, install the web applications just a click.

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one click installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Which control panel do I get with the Reseller hosting plan ?
Every Reseller Hosting package has two separate control panels - WHM and cPanel. WHM enables administrative control of your hosting package whereas cPanel allows your customers to manage their individual hosting packages.
What is reseller hosting ?
Once your hosting account is activated, you can go ahead and start setting up your reseller business. You will be making money from your online reselling business by receiving the difference in the amount you pay us and the amount your customers pay. you purchase an amount of SSD storage and bandwidth, which you may then divide up and resell to your own customers. You choose the account limits, space, and price you want to offer your customers.
How do I setup a reseller account?
After you select and purchase your reseller account, you will have access to Web Host Manager (WHM), which is your centralized reseller control panel. Through this interface, you will be able to easily create and manage packages for your clients. Your clients will have access to a cPanel user control panel of their own, through which they can create and maintain their own websites and email. Servercake provides all resellers with an excellent startup guidance.Our support team is here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Who handles domain name registration for my customers ?
Your Servercake reseller hosting package includes a domain name reseller account. This allows you to purchase and manage domain names for your clients.
Will servercake branding be visible to my customers ?
Not at all. You can add your own branding and position yourself as your own web hosting service provider, design firm or agency. In fact, your customers need never know that you are a ServerCake customer.
How do I create sub packages and manage them ?
The WHM Control Panel provisioned with the Reseller Web Hosting plan allows you to create and manage individual hosting packages for your customers.

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