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Enterprise Email Solutions simplifies the email management and keeps the emails up and running all time. It ensures the business to stay up with reduced risk and complexity. We provide uninterrupted services from anywhere at any time without any outages.

Enterprise Email Solutions Features


Outbound Filter

Scans the outgoing emails from the server and acts as a spam filter. It monitors the emails without any downtime and prevents the email servers from the spam generation.


Inbound Filter

Prevents the incoming spam messages to the mail server. It becomes vulnerable to spam attacks and keeps the inbox free from spam emails.


Blacklist Prevention

Prevents the IP from being blacklisted as the continuous spam emails from a particular IP can be blocked for the security purpose. It ensures the communications with safe delivery.


Enterprise Security

The number of email servers integrated with HitSpam network can be increased when the number of emails is increased through the network. It ensures the safe of the enterprise.



Enterprise email solution can be scaled up in the network based on the usage of emails in the network. It is suitable for all level of business with ready on premises.


Multi-Cluster Setup

Improve the availability of the mail servers without requiring any maintenance. It also protects and recovers data against any unexpected failures that are very rare.


IP Reputation Protection

The communication over the Internet is accomplished through IP address. Detecting the incoming and outgoing emails consistently without spams promises the reputation of IPs.


Outlook Integration

Can be integrated with Outlook for the comfort of users. For the access of web-client, Outlook on the web provides browser-based experience for the users.


Mobile Integration

Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by integrating into mobiles and tablets. It is compatible with the devices supporting iOS, Android, and Windows.


Any Mail Client Integration

The user can integrate with any mail client which is comfortable to access as their own choice. It supports all types of email clients to maintain spam free environment.



  • Shared
  • upto 25
    Email Accounts
  • 10+ GB Mail Storage
    per user
  • ---
  • ---
  • Shared
    Disaster Management


  • Isolated
  • Upto 50
    Email Accounts
  • 10+ GB Mail Storage
    per user
  • ---
  • ---
  • 1 Location
    Disaster Management


  • Dedicated
  • 100+
    Email Accounts
  • 10+ GB Mail Storage
    per user
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Email Backup/Archive
  • 2 Locations
    Disaster Management

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