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What is Domain Name?

Domain Name is the name of your website that can be used by everyone in the address bar of any internet browser to see your website. It gives the identity to websites over the internet. You can keep a desired name for your website but that should not match with an existing one. Check the availability for your desired domain name before proceeding further to register it.

Why Domain Name is required?

Everything over the internet, be it websites or devices, has IP addresses like through which the components communicate and pass on the data. Devices over the internet can easily identify others through this numeric address but it is very difficult or almost impossible for a human being to remember the IP addresses of the websites that are present since we communicate through our languages. The basic necessity for using Domain Name is to use address that can be easily remembered or understood by us. There is a mechanism that translates Domain Name into IP addresses.

What is Top Level Domain?

Top Level Domain or TLD is the domain name extension or suffix that comes after the domain name. You would have seen many such TLDs such as .com, .org, .net, .edu and so on. You can choose which ever TLD you may need. Generally the choice depends on the location, type or nature of the work you do.

.com - It is the widely used and expected domain present in the web. This domain can be used for business, social network sites, blogs and almost all sectors. .org -

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