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What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides security to the data transmission path between your website server and internet browser to make your website a trusted one. The transmission link is encrypted to prevent leakage or theft of confidential and sensitive information by hackers or eavesdroppers. SSL is supported by most of the web browsers. Many online web portals use this protocol to obtain confidential data such as passwords, payment card details and many other important information. It is a de facto standard widely used to protect the transactions made online for safe transmission of data packets. SSL shields the transmitted data from vicious actions that are spread across the internet.

Why Do I Need SSL?

Without SSL, the data or information transmitted over the link is vulnerable to be tapped and stolen by notorious or criminal hackers. As a result you might loose trustworthiness of your website and the visitors or your customers will deviate their mind away from your website leading to less visits, negative reviews. Integrating your website with SSL Certificate keeps the privacy of the data exchanged and gives confidence to your customers to send their highly classified information through your website. Since we are in the Internet revolution where almost all the activities need internet, it is high time to make your domain name in the URL to be prefixed with an SSL Certificate to make your customers and visitors of your website feel secured and boost the trust image for your website.

An SSL Certificate benefits not only you but also your visitors and customers. Since the data is encrypted, it can be deciphered only by those with authorization. This certificate authenticates your website that the information being sent over the link reaches only your server to prevent dissemination of data. Your website with our Free SSL Certificate will be compliant with PCI standards that is required for accepting online payments through credit or debit cards made by your customers. It protects from being trapped by phishing activities where users are deceived and directed to a website that imitates the original one and personal informations are stolen. SSL Certificate increases the brand image of your company since it indicates that a trusted encryption is being used in your website. Thus having an SSL Certificate imbibes trust and sense of security into the users of your website.

Free SSL Certificate for Lifetime

We provide a Free SSL Certificate for lifetime upon registering a domain name with us or when you transfer a domain name to ServerCake. It is not a trial pack but a fully licensed pack that comes with all the quality features available from paid version. Your website is safely and securely protected by Comodo SSL Certificate, one of the most reputed brands in the Internet security industry. It has the highest levels of security strength with 2048-bit signatures and up to 256 encryption for secure transmission of data. It is also the fastest way to protect online transactions with SSL security. This Free SSL certificate can be embedded into all the major internet browsers.  We offer you a world-class Comodo SSL Certificate free with lifetime validity to make your online presence most trustworthy and put your visitors and customers to feel free from insecurity always.

How does SSL make my website More Trustworthy?

An SSL Certificate has the verified information about your website and makes the viewers or users of your website to confirm that they are actually communicating with your web servers. When they click on the lock symbol in the address bar, information about the identity of the website, the third-party that has done the verification process and the expiration date of the SSL Certificate can be seen. Through these informations the users get sense of trust upon your website and makes them to feel confident that your website maintains privacy and integrity required to send their confidential details through it. Giving that sense of reliability to the users of websites is vital to make your website more trustworthy and SSL Certificate does exactly the same.

How to check SSL Certificate presence?

A website that has an SSL Certificate normally has ‘lock symbol with https’ in the URL where "s” denotes that the website is over SSL protocol or Secure, padded prior to the website address. Generally, visitors love websites that have this ‘lock’ sign accompanying the website address in the address bar. Our Free SSL Certificate seals your website address with visible secured sign that builds trust and helps to increase the conversion rate of visitors turning into your customers.

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