What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a best solution for your website to prevent various security related issues. After successful implementation of SiteLock in your website, it will constantly scans for the various security breaches like hacking attacks, malware issues, email vulnerabilities etc. SiteLock also provides a "SiteLock Secure" seal to your website for showing that, your website is fully protected with SiteLock. This increases trust and confidence in purchasing products from your website.

Plans & Pricing


Rs.1,416/Per Year
  • 25 pages Scan
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • -


Rs.2,916/Per Year
  • 100 pages Scan
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • FTP Scan


Rs.3,588/Per Year
  • 500 pages Scan
  • DailyMalware Scan
  • FTP Scan


Rs.10,789/Per Year
  • 2500 pages Scan
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • FTP Scan

SiteLock Features

Scanning ServerCake Wed Hosting


SiteLock regularly scans your website for various security issues. SiteLock performs scanning for your website files, databases, emails and network. Regular scanning will let you know that, whether your website is safe or not.

Email Alerts ServerCake Web Hosting

Email Alerts

SiteLock sends immediate email alerts to the users about the security related incidents happened on your site. This will help you to analyse the security status of your website and allows you to take proper precautions.

Automatic Fix ServerCake Web Hosting

Automatic Fix

SiteLock doesn’t need any input from the webmasters or site owners. If your website is under attack, then SiteLock will easily find out the attack source and it will automatically resolve the issue without asking any input.

Malware Removal ServerCake Web Hosting

Malware Removal

SiteLock automatically scan and find the malware infections in your website. If your website is infected with any type of malware, SiteLock removes it easily and efficiently. If the malware is not removing automatically, then an expert SiteLock agent will take care of that.

DDos Protection ServerCake Web Hosting

DDos Protection

DDos or Distributed Denial of Service is type of attack that is targeted for making the website not available to the users. SiteLock will automatically monitor DDos attack and block those attack with proper steps.

Trust Seal ServerCake Web Hosting

Trust Seal

A trust seal is a small certified-secure graphic placed on your website to let your customers know that your website is a safe place for them to visit and shop. This trust seal increase your website reputation and trust.

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