What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is the one through which Resellers purchase products from a web hosting provider like ServerCake, not to be used by them but to be sold to their customers. They are granted with necessary administering tools and software to customize and modify the purchased solutions only to be sold them as their product. Reseller Hosting is inexpensive, and very easy to set-up and launch. Most of the professional Resellers make good profit from selling our hosting solutions by taking advantage of the leeway provided to them without undertaking the regulatory process required to run a web hosting company. ServerCake is the best Reseller Hosting provider to offer it with cPanel & WHM.

Powered by SSD

  •     Disk Space
  •     Bandwidth
  •     Domains
  •     Database
  •     Email Accounts
  •     Control panel
  •     WHMCS Licence
  •     Choose Duration:


  • 10 GB
  • 500 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • cPanel/WHM
  • No


  • 25 GB
  • 1000 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Optional


  • 50 GB
  • 2500 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Optional


  • 100 GB
  • 5000 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Optional

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SSD Reseller Hosting Features


SSD Powered

Hard Disk is past, Solid State is future. Update your storage disk
to make your website accessible by 300% faster with Solid State
Drive storage. We provide you the best SSD Shared
hosting package.

Free Domain

Keep names for your website by registering domains or website
addresses for lifetime. You can register a new domain or transfer
your existing domain all for free. Avail all of the Top Level
Domain extensions from us.

Free SSL

Secure the data transmission between your website and
internet browsers to prevent theft or snooping of confidential
information. We provide a free SSL certificate to
your domain for lifetime.


Say goodbye to manual billing. Ease up things with optional WHMCS,
the most prevalent, automated, customizable Client Management
solution for billing. It also integrates support system
to manage client’s grievances.

Free Payment Gateway

ServerCake provides free trusted payment gateway solution, PayClub
to authorize online payments done through credit card, debit card,
net banking and all other popular payment methods
by your customers when they purchase your products.

cPanel & CloudLinux

Most popular easy-to-handle, enriched control panel for complete
website management. All Linux hosting plans are powered
with premium CloudLinux operating system for better
features, security and reliability.


A Premium product that includes Railgun provides you 99.6%
compression ratio and an average 200% additional
performance increase resulting in faster loading of your
website pages accompanied with top security.


Web Host Manager is a powerful software system through which
you can automate server management tasks, customize
the cPanel of your clients to build brand image of your
hosting company.

Why SERVERCAKE reseller hosting ?

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Special Features

HitSpamWe provide the Best Reseller Hosting in India and give HitSpam Anti-Spam solution for free to all customers. It is the best solution to prevent email spamming. It uses spam definitions to check the spam emails before reaching the Inbox. The spam definitions are manually and constantly updated with the help of real-time human users. It is the best solution for spam prevention and it is widely used.Traditional spam filtering software systems use the keywords to find the spam emails, this will end with inaccuracy and leads to the huge loss in genuine emails. It does not use such types of tactics to find the spammers. That’s why it can easily detect the unwanted emails.HitSpam can be easily integrated with every hosting account cPanel and will give a detailed report on the spam blocks. It provides whitelisting and blacklisting options to make the job more effective.We take off our customers satisfaction, so we have implemented the best solution for email spam prevention. Many attractive features of HitSpam are as follows:
  • Easy to manage spam emails.
  • Better security features.
  • Efficient and accurate spam email definitions.
  • Rock-Solid accuracy.
  • Both POP and IMAP protocols are supported.
  • Supports every hosting types.

CloudLinux is one of best Hosting Operating System that gives high level stability to Shared hosted websites. CloudLinux is robust that withstands sudden high CPU resource usage, surge in traffic, various hacking attacks etc. Most of the website administrators face many difficulties pertaining to these issues. Normally a huge sum of money and time is being spent to overcome such issues and may lead to huge business loss if proper actions are not taken. CloudLinux OS eliminates these issues with ease.

CloudLinux is present in the market since early 2010. At present, most of the websites are being hosted with this OS for better stability, security and reliability. And more than 3,000 hosting companies use Linux operating system in particular. Migration from CentOS to CloudLinux is very easy. So, system administrators feel very easy to handle this OS. It is fully optimized for Shared hosting servers. CloudLinux maintains excellent uptime and dramatically improves the efficiency of the hosted websites. Also since this OS has significantly less number of reboot, account suspension due to high resource usage is reduced drastically.

CloudLinux and cPanel is the best and optimized combination for managing multiple accounts:

  • Better stability
  • Reduced Resource Consumption
  • Hard Core Security
  • Better Server Efficiency
  • Possible to keep multiple versions of PHP
  • Strong Kernel
  • Easy to use Admin Panel

Data is the most valuable part of a website. Hence, website owners are much concerned about data loss. It’s a fact that we need to agree. If something happens to our hard disks, then all data will be vanished into thin air. That’s why we use RAID 10 Disk Backup technology.

ServerCake is the best Linux Reseller Web Hosting provider featuring RAID 10 technology to prevent data loss. We give complete guarantee on the data protection. By using RAID 10 technology, all Reseller hosting accounts get better storage performance and higher server availability than our competitors.

RAID is the method of storing the website data on multiple hard disks for better performance and security. Each level of RAID has different types of storage functionalities to improve reliability. RAID level are numbered from 0 to 9.

ServerCake’s Reseller Hosting plans are most secure and affordable, equipped fully with RAID 10 technology. RAID 10 technology allows ServerCake to maintain exceptional reliability to the customers by mirroring the same data to the different storage. Our RAID 10 improves the overall website performance, availability, redundancy and loading time in particular.

Database is the heart of website. All our Reseller hosting plans come with MySQL database for the websites.  Data can be stored as and when needed.  We provide high quality databases at affordable price in all hosting plans. Our well maintained database infrastructure accomplishes top notch performance and optimization which delivers better response time for websites.

We provide fully equipped cPanel to create and manage MySQL databases at ease from one interface through latest version of phpMyAdmin.

With no compromise on higher performance, we provide the best database solutions to our customers. Choose the best Reseller hosting plan suitable to the requirement. Our powerful database architecture can handle many simultaneous requests per second. Hence server timeout or any other website loading issues is taken out. We have the best security features to prevent SQL injections or any other types of hacking attempt.

Free Account Setup

ServerCake provides full Reseller Account Setup for free. The setup is done in few minutes and ready to go thereon without charging even a penny. The process is initiated from the very next minute of successful order purchase.

Free Addon Setup

Most of the leading reseller web hosting providers won’t give Addon setup for free. But, ServerCake delivers all the addon installation and configuration without any cost.

Free DNS Setup

We configure domain DNS for proper domain propagation with your hosting account even if the domain is hosted by any other provider.  No migration is needed.  This DNS setup is done for free of cost.

Free Script Installation

We provide free script installation and assistance to install popular scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB etc. as per the requirement.

We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee to all our Customers

ServerCake guarantees full satisfaction for you and if not found satisfactory within 45 days of usage, your entire payment will be reimbursed. No prior contracts and no questions shall be raised. We are very much confident that you will definitely love our products and service. Come to us and experience the difference. This money back guarantee is not applicable on offers.

Backups are very crucial for all websites. Taking a regular full or partial backup of your website saves you time and money. Data and files forms the building blocks of website. So, it is very important to fully secure them from loss. Backups helps to recover website from hacking issues, data corruption, website crashes etc.

We, ServerCake, are the Top Reseller Web hosting Company in India that strongly recommends every customer to take backup each time before making changes to the websites. When something goes wrong, then you can easily restore your website. Backups is definitely a lifesaver at anytime in future. We provide Regular Automatic Backup system to you or you may take backup manually.

Regular Automatic Backups

We take regular automatic backups from our end. If you need any regular backup file, we will provide it for free. Our backup frequencies are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Manual Backups

ServerCake gives full freedom for clients to take manual backups based on your needs. The backups can be done easily from the cPanel, WHM or even through FTP.

ServerCake’s Reseller hosting gives full access to SSH, or Secure Shell via control panel. SSH is a protocol used to securely connect and login to your server from Remote systems. It is the most secured way to remote access Linux and Unix-type servers.

SSH is an encrypted network protocol  that is used to access the remote machines in a secure way. Using your Reseller account, SSH allows you to login to your web hosting account from any system. It supports, Linux and UNIX commands to control your website.

SSH also allows you to do many cron jobs such as automatic backups, database optimization etc. You can also complete many common tasks such as changing file permissions, changing file names etc. Take the advantage of SSH to upload website files, copy or move or delete files etc.

ServerCake is the Best Reseller Hosting provider in India that provides SSH access to all Resellers for more convenience. With the help of our high performance hosting servers and infrastructure, all the SSH commands are executed within an eye blink.

Malware attacks are one of the most intimidating threat in internet.  Malwares appear in different forms and its only target is to infect the website script files or to intrude the privacy of visitors.  Your website will be removed from pages of search engines if it is affected by malwares and this disrupts the reputation of your website eventually drowning sales of your products. To prevent this, we have implemented an effective anti-malware protection mechanism.

ServerCake has the best Anti-Malware hosting environment to protect your websites from all hacking and malware attack issues. Our Reseller hosting environment is fully protected from all types of malware attacks. We have automatic notification if any malware attack occurs on our client’s account and our expert anti-malware squad will remove the threat immediately. Malware prevention mechanism is deployed to prevent proliferation of malware infection to other accounts. All the accounts are protected at all time.

ServerCake offers the best payment gateway solution to all Reseller customers.  Our payment gateway integration options are fully compatible with all types of e-commerce business for secure access and online payment management from anywhere in the world. We provide the best and efficient way for customer payment checkout options.

We offer the top level secure, reliable and flexible payment gateway processing system globally. Merchants can easily deploy our Payment Gateway to their own e-commerce stores without any deep knowledge in payment systems. Our system has the ability to handle multiple payment methods, recurring billings, payment retry etc.

All our payment gateway integrations are covered with best technical support and well documented knowledge base.

All our payment gateway comes with:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • Smartphone ready
  • Full payment stats
  • Top security implementations
  • Worldwide accepted payment methods
  • High privacy for data security and much more...

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