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Why to Choose ServerCake Hosting?


Free Domain

Domain name has huge impact for your website and hosting business. From ServerCake you will get a domain for free. Once you register we will renew it for lifelong. This offer is applicable for domain transfer from any other domain register to ServerCake. We are having wide range of TLDs for your business needs.

Free SSL

SSL or secure socket layer will help your website to transmit sensitive data over https protocol. SSL is highly recommended for all business and e-commerce websites. SSL will help to prevent unauthorized access during the data transmission over internet. All the credit card information, login details will be secured using this protocol.



Free Payment Gateway

Every ecommerce business website needs payment gateway. There are many third-party services are currently available for the payment gateway services. Most of them charge for this service or they might have hidden charges. But, servercake is providing free payment gateway server to our customers. We have our own payment gateway service called payclub. So you don’t want to spend extra money for the payment gateway services.

Railgun Technology

Railgun is a premium service provided by CloudFlare company. Railgun technology stores your website content on 40 data centers all over the world. This will boost your website data access speed all over the world. When a user from different country visits your website, railgun will provide your website content from the visitors nearest data center. We are providing this service for free of cost.



HitSpam™ Anti Spam

Most of the web hosting companies won’t provide premium anti-spam services. If you need premium anti-spam service you have to pay for the services. But, servercake is providing premium Anti-Email spam service to all the customers for free of cost. You will get premium email spam protection from our own service called HitSpam™. HitSpam will monitor your all emails and remove unwanted emails before reaching to your inbox. Simple!

CloudLinux OS

Linux is one of the most popular operating system widely used in web hosting backend. The operating system of your website at backend is very crucial in your website performance. Free Linux OS version for your website is not good choice if you have an "n" number of web traffic. It slows down your website performance whereas the premium CloudLinux manages the web traffic as a stable performer. The ServerCake gives you the best and premium CloudLinux OS to all our customers for better security, reliability and density.



Clef Security (Dual Security)

Clef is a two step authentication system from clef company. Clef improves the security of your website. We are giving this premium service for free to our customers. Clef is pretty good and highly secured method to secure your website login credentials from the hackers. Using clef security, you can login to your website without typing the username or password. You can simply login using your smartphone. That’s why clef is simple, efficient & secure.

Rocket Loader

From the name itself, Rocket loader will help you to run your website faster than a rocket. We are providing this exclusive features to all our customers for faster web page load. Rocket loader is an asynchronous java script loader. This will help your website to load javascript after displaying the page completely. So the user can easily access your website content within a fraction of second.



SPDY Technology

SPDY (Pronounced as “speedy”) is a networking protocol used to increase the speed of the website. This technology uses the HTTP protocol and many other optimization technologies to get a good page load time.This feature will reduce your bandwidth usage and server load. Servercake provides this features to all the customers for getting an optimized page load time.

Premium Private DNS

We are providing premium private DNS to all our customers. Private DNS allows you to reserve your website name as your DNS server name. For example, ns1.yourdomainname. The main reason for choosing private DNS is only for branding. Private DNS will also help to hide your domain name register.



Regular Backup

Regular backup is very necessary for all websites. Backup will help your website to recover from an immediate crash, hacking issues or any other issues on the server. We know that our servers are Rock Solid. But, we do register backup for your sake. This is a free service for all the customers. We do the backup on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies. So, you don’t need to depend on any high-cost backup services. Your website is safe with us.

Free Migration

We always appreciate customers to migrate their website from other hosting providers to servercake. You know Why? Because we do everything for you and you can run your website without any headaches. If you want to migrate your website from your old host to servercake, All the migration part is done by us. We will move your website securely for free of cost. We will transfer your website data, emails, databases, and everything for you.



Server Side Malware Scanner

Malwares are the bad scripts used for data theft, website hacking and other harmful issues. There are many anti-malware solutions are available in internet, but most of the services are very costly. But, servercake is providing free server side malware scanner to spot the malware affections on your website. We are having the fully equipped and efficient malware scanning and removal. So you don’t have to worry about any malware or virus attacks.

Super90sec™ Customer Care

Our first priority is always customers. We don’t want our customers to wait for a long time to get in touch with us. That’s why we have implemented “Super90sec customer care service” on servercake. This is an exclusive service which will definitely makes you feel happy. That means, we will respond to your queries within 90 seconds. All our customer care officers are always happy to be with you.



FAST Cache Technology

FAST or Fully Automated storage Tiering cache technology is a content optimization method to provide faster content delivery. If you website is providing content in a very slow rate, then the overall performance of your website will be reduced. By implementing FAST cache technology, your content will be delivered faster than the usual rate. Servercake is providing this feature to all customers for the better website optimization.

Security Analytics

Servercake is the proud partner of CloudFare. So you will get most of the CloudFare features for free. Security analytics is one of the most useful feature of CloudFare, that provides a full time security surveillance to your website for spam prevention, virus attacks, bot access and all other security related issues. This will help you to monitor your website for all the security measures need to be implemented.



Performance Analytics

Using premium features of CloudFare, you can completely analyze your website performance. You can monitor the traffic on your website, geo-location of your visitors, IP address of your visitor, search engine crawlers, real time traffic and in-depth analysis of your website performance and server status. These features are completely free to all the customers of servercake.

45 days Moneyback Guarantee

Servercake guarantees on customer satisfaction. We are sure that, you love our products, pricing, features and our dedicated customer care service. If you are not satisfied with our service we will refund the full amount without asking any questions. That’s why we are offering 45 days full moneyback guarantee in all our customers. No contracts. No commitments. You are free to ask for a moneyback anytime.



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